Autumn leaves on the ground with tree stump curtain fabrics online

If you’re shopping for quality curtain fabrics online then Thread and Loop have a marvellous collection for you to browse, buy, and love! The team here can’t help but get excited about our products, and we just love to show them off from time to time so that everyone can see how beautiful they are! Now that October is here, we thought now would be a great opportunity to showcase some of our more autumnal fabrics! So, feast your eyes upon:


Soho Pumpkin

Soho Pumpkin fabric preview curtain fabrics online

Aside from its name being the very essence of autumn, this textured semi-plain fabric is interesting, bold, and rugged. The stripes mimic a pumpkin perfectly and its cosy shade of orange is ideal for this time of year.


Hedgehog Flint

Hedgehog Flint fabric preview curtain fabrics online

If you’re after something more toned down, then this print may be more suitable for you! The neutral colours reflect the more muted tones of autumn, and, as you’re more likely to see these little creatures snuffling around your garden in the autumn months, this print still feels very timely (and cute, too!).


Epsom Koi

Epsom Koi fabric preview curtain fabrics online

Featuring the tasteful silhouette of British foliage and beautiful golden colours like that of falling leaves, this elegant fabric is perfect for use during the autumn! With a warm colour scheme and a cotton-rich blend, this wouldn’t look out of place year-round in your home, perhaps as a pair of curtains.


Pheasants Natural

Pheasants Natural fabric preview fabric shop online

If you want something a little more unusual, then this print would make a great choice! This print manages to be interesting without being fussy, and the pheasant’s gorgeous plumage can’t help but feel autumnal.


Fox Umber

Fox Umber fabric preview fabric shop online

This strong yet relaxed print is already proving popular amongst fabric lovers in the UK! The bright orange hue is perfect for those who want a pop of colour, and the contrasting pattern features a firm British favourite – the fox!

If one of these wonderful prints has caught your eye, or you’re looking for different kinds of curtain fabrics online, then browsing the Thread and Loop products page is a great place to start! Remember, we offer free fabric swatches to help you decide what looks best in your home, and also offer a curtain making service for those of you too busy to sew them yourself (and let’s face it, it’s a busy time of year!). All you have to do is find the fabric of your choice, and enter your measurements and preferences on that page – we’ll take care of the rest! You can always contact us today if you’re in need of any further help – we’re always here to chat about fabric!