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With sites like Thread and Loop it is now easier than ever to buy fabric online, which would usually be a good thing if not for the piles of fabric and fabric scraps we all acquire (we suppose we should apologise for enabling such a habit!). We’ve already spoken about a few ways in which you can use up those pesky fabric scraps, but what about when you need to store them? They can get everywhere! Luckily, a number of online crafters have come up with some very simple and ingenious ways to store fabric!



Hanging Shoe Organiser

Shoe organisers are divided up perfectly into small little compartments, and come with an easy way to hang them from a wall or over the back of a door. This is probably one of the easiest methods for scrap organisation, especially if you can get ahold of an organiser with clear fronts that allow you to see inside. You can also use the compartments for thread and other accessories once you start to use up your fabric.


Magazine Holders

Magazine holders can be a great way to keep fabric scraps organised and allow them to be tucked out of the way, which makes it a great solution for those who don’t have their own office (or crafting room) and have to store their fabrics someone more public like the sitting room. These can also easily be customised to fit in with the room’s decor!


Multi-rung Hangers

You can find hangers that allow multiple items to be hung on them in a variety of sizes;  thinner fabric scraps can be stored on tie racks, medium lengths on scarf hangers, and larger pieces on trouser hangers.


Transparent Drawers

Another fairly simple option, a small chest of drawers will allow you to easily stash your fabric scraps, as well as keep them somewhat organised. Opting for transparent craft draws will make it easier for you to see which fabrics are where at a glance without having to rummage around for them. Brilliant!


Maybe your fabric scrap collection isn’t that overwhelming and you’re actually in need of more supplies? With Thread and Loop you can easily buy fabric online for a variety of uses in upholstery and craft projects; we even offer free fabric swatches to help you make up your mind! For any further enquiries, it’s easy to get in touch with us! Simply call us today on 01252 710600, and our team will do our best to assist you.