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Anyone who has browsed a brick and mortar or online fabric shop will know that they can be absolute treasure troves for weird, wonderful, and absolutely gorgeous fabrics, and the prints we sell at Thread and Loop are no exception to this! Sometimes we notice a bit of a theme with the current season’s fabric shipments, or believe that certain prints could easily be grouped together, and this time we’ve happened to chance upon some beautiful bird-themed prints that we know anyone with a love for our feathered friends will just adore!



Scandi Birds Capri

Bird Fabric | Online Fabric Shop

The calming palette of this print lends it a certain flexibility, and we feel it would fit in a lot of places, though personally we’d choose to place it somewhere like a dining room or hallway to show these affectionate birds off to as many people as possible!


Garden Birds Linen

Colourful Bird Fabric | Online Fabric Shop

Brings to mind traditional watercolour paintings found in encyclopaedias of old

We think this would look lovely used to make a pair of blinds, especially if placed somewhere overlooking a garden – the print might even help you identify a few birds you see outside!


Tweety Charcoal

Birds In Trees | Online Fabric Shop

This illustrative print has a rather comic-like feel that still looks elegant due to its beautiful earthy tones and sparing use of brights. Both whimsical and modern, this fabric would be a beautiful addition to any room, no matter how it’s used.


Feather Linen

Feather Fabric | Online Fabric Shop

A bit more subtle and less busy, this feather print’s neutral tones could fit in anywhere, making it an ideal fabric to use for an array of homeware projects, such as decoupaging drawers, storage boxes, or even hangers.


Birds Ochre

Baby Birds Fabric | Online Fabric Shop

A fun print with just the right amount of colour! Everything about this fabric feels harmonious, from the palette to the paired up birds –  what’s not to love? The yellows, greys, and turquoise makes us think of lazy afternoons and flowering meadows – perfect for summertime! With this in mind, why not use this fabric to make something from our summer crafts pinterest board?


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