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As an online fabric shop that carries such a wonderful range of plain and patterned fabrics, we here at Thread and Loop often find ourselves looking for ways to use up left-over bits of scrap fabric, as so much of it is simply far too pretty to just cast out! We know that our customers struggle with this too, which is why we’ve put together a handy little list of ways for you to use up those scraps you just can’t bear to part with! So, why not try using them for…


Fabric scraps can be ideal for creating makeshift ribbons and bows, which can be used to embellish other sewing projects, to decorate presents, or as hair accessories! This is such a simple and versatile solution, that we recommend everyone give it a try at least once!


If you have a lot of fabrics scraps, then you could use this as an opportunity to begin a quilting project! You can stick with something more traditional design-wise or instead try out something new depending on the shape of your scrap fabrics – you could create more of a striped design, for example, for a fresh take on classic quilting.


A rather fun way to use up scraps is to create your own ‘designer’ labels;  if you’re something of a regular sewer and have many a project to your name, then maybe you’d like something in future to customise your work further and let everyone know you’re the proud creator – you can even add care instructions!

If that isn’t your style then you could always make some simple tags that can be used for gifts, or even luggage tags.


We all know about paper chains being a DIY decoration, but have you ever considered creating your own bunting? You can make some really lovely decorations with scrap fabrics, ready for use at birthdays, anniversaries, barbecues, holidays, and other celebratory parties.

Those of you with children can even give them some scrap fabric to try out making paper (well, fabric!) snowflakes.


Fabric coasters are a fun little idea – easily washable for those mishaps moments, and they won’t clatter to the ground if ever stuck to the bottom of your mug! You can use mix and match fabrics for a homely, quirky vibe, or can use remnants that you may have left over from curtain or upholstery projects – this is especially helpful if you’ve been having trouble finding coasters that match your pre-established decor.

If you’ve used up all your fabric scraps and are perhaps looking to buy some more, then why not take at look at the selection we have in our online fabric shop; the team here at Thread and Loop only stock the finest fabrics we can find, so you’re sure to see something that will tickle your fancy! We also offer free fabric swatches from our online fabric shop as well as a curtain making service; if you have any further questions about these services or our products that you can’t find answers to on our website, then don’t hesitate to call us today at 01252 710600, and we’ll be ready to help you with your enquiries.