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As an Online Fabric Shop home to such a vast selection of quality fabrics, Thread and Loop are always looking for new ways to be creative and liven up our homes as well as selecting choice fabrics to aid us in this mission! We like getting a bit seasonal here but we must admit that it gets a bit bunny mad at this time of year; it makes you wonder, surely there’s more to spring than rabbits? Well, of course there is! Why not take a look at the following fabrics and find a spring in your step?

Baa Baa Denim

Online Fabric Shop spring print featuring blue argyle and checkered sheep
Blue may not be the first colour that springs to mind at this time of year (excuse the pun!) but something about this shade just feels so fresh! Of course, spring is all about new life and who can’t help but think of cute little baby lambs hopping around in the grass? The little dandelion clock detail is a nice touch, too, we think!

Aviary Vintage

Never mind the easter bunny – we’re busy keeping an eye out for winged visitors at our birdhouse! Nothing else quite marks the beginning of spring like seeing less of the robin (sorry little fella) and more sparrows. This colourful print is almost as good as the real thing, and will help to tide us all over until Springwatch!

Frida Chartreuse/Charcoal

Online Fabric Shop spring print featuring fresh green and blue plants and flowers
This time of year is certainly a delight to behold, what with all the flowers bursting from seemingly every corner you come across – and the same can be said of this fabric. Featuring tulips and daffodils (amongst other plants), the crisp colours really makes us feel energised!

Bees Linen

Online Fabric Shop Spring Print of bees in neutral colours
Busy bees are an iconic part of the start of spring and summer, though luckily this neutral-toned print manages to avoid this particular trait! Perfect for those of you who find bees fuzzy and adorable, this fabric could make a nice cushion cover or spring project!

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