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Thread & Loop are proud to be one of the top online fabric suppliers, catering to all our customers needs for fine quality fabric and soft furnishings to help with their personal projects and home renovations. We’ve already had a good look at some of our top upholstery fabrics for the start of 2016, but casting our net a little wider, we can see the future in fabrics… and it looks rather pink! This line from Studio G can’t help but feel both cosy and calm – perfect for starting off the new year with in our opinion; why not see for yourselves?

Daiquiri Raspberry 

A pink fabric | fabric suppliers

Available in a rich, sumptuous, raspberry hue, this print can’t help but make an immediate impression! The pattern is small but eye-catching, and the warm, deep colour makes us think this upholstery-suitable fabric should be put to good use on a comfy arm chair!

Hearts Taupe 

Beige hearts | fabric suppliers

If you’re looking for something a bit calmer than the raspberry, then this taupe heart print could be just the thing! The cute little heart pattern gives this fabric a somewhat chic feel, and would look lovely, we think, in a kitchen… or perhaps as a cushion to offset the raspberry fabric above!

Rosetta Raspberry 

Pretty pink roses | fabric suppliers

If maybe you love both the bold raspberry and soothing taupe, and can’t make up your mind – but can’t use both for your upholstery project – then perhaps this fabric is the perfect combination of the two! Featuring charming roses and delicate pink petals against a lightly patterned neutral background, this floral print makes us think of doilies and tea parties! Perhaps a little busy for some, others will appreciate its quaint charm, and may help it find a home as maybe a tea cosy, bedspread, or plushie.

Maude Raspberry 

Pink roses | fabric suppliers Thread and Loop

With slightly redder and greener hues than the above, the colours of the roses and leaves in this print marry together quite well and comes across as a much subtler pattern than it would initially seem! It may be a new year, but online fabric suppliers are very much in love with these more traditional style prints, and this classic floral fabric would look at home anywhere, but perhaps even more so with you!

As a company that pride itself on being one of the best online fabric suppliers, Thread & Loop are very happy to start another fantastic year with our customers, and simply can’t wait to see the projects you undertake in 2016 – so make sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest whenever you’ve made something using one of our fabrics! And, as always, we offer free fabric samples, so if we’ve put you in a bit of a tizzy by giving you too many beautiful fabrics to chose from then worry not – help is at hand! We can also make bespoke curtains for those of you too busy to sew your own; simply select the fabric you want, click ‘order curtains’, enter any additional details and we’ll do the rest! We’re always happy to help with any questions you may have for us about our fabrics, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today at 01252 710600 if you need any assistance – our friendly team is always ready to chat with you!