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Thread and Loop is an online fabric supplier offering a variety of quality upholstery, cotton, and polyester fabric for parents, crafters and hobbyists everywhere. We have to admit that we are exceptionally proud of our fine range of online fabrics, and just can’t help wanting to share them all with you! Under the spotlight this week are our top picks of fabric that would be right at home in any child’s bedroom as a bedspread, cushion cover or lovely pair of curtains!

Biggles Blue 

A blue fabric pattern | Thread and Loop

This print is wonderfully fun, and would make the perfect addition to the room of any little one who loves to reach for the sky! The soft blue background is a calming contrast to the colourful planes in the foreground, and stops the pattern from looking overly busy! The flying theme makes this fabric ideal for curtains or roman blinds.

Tropicana Paradise 

jungle animals |Thread and Loop

Do you know a little explorer who loves animals or the jungle? Then this fabric would be a dream is perfect for them. With a warm and vibrant colour scheme, this print features a whole menagerie of animals to spot amongst the bright foliage!

Dino Denim 

fabric supplier | Thread and Loop

Why not give your dinosaur-loving little one a treat? This print has a charming range of cool-coloured dinosaurs to admire, and made of 100% cotton, it would make a lovely set of curtains or home-made cuddly toy! 

Pirates Ship Nautical 

Fabric supplier | Thread and Loop

Perfect for any sea-faring explorers, this fabric is bound to be adored by any children who dream of exciting pirate adventures! Featuring a number of different pirate ships, this fabric would make a perfect set of curtains to help your little one drift off to dreams of fun and adventure on the high seas!

Mr Fox Yellow 

Online fabric supplier

This calm yet cheerful print is decorated with an adorable array of woodland foxes and leaves – great for those little ones who like fuzzy creatures! A beautiful sunny yellow colour and 100% cotton, this lovely fabric would make a beautiful bedspread for children to snuggle up under!


As a quality fabric supplier, we here at Thread & Loop hope we’ve given some food for thought to any of you looking to spruce up your children’s bedroom! You can view our full range of fabrics here, and if you’re having trouble deciding just which one is for you, then don’t forget that we offer free fabric swatches for you to try out in your home! We also provide a curtain-making service for those of you not confident in your sewing abilities – check our products page for more information or contact us at 01252 710600 – we’d be happy to answer any of your questions about Thread & Loop!