A picture of the year 2016 written in fireworks, set against the night sky

As top curtain fabric suppliers, here at Thread and Loop we love keeping up with the current trends of what fabrics people are proud to display in their homes, and we love to talk about them with you. Now that 2016 is under way and we’ve recovered from the indulgence of Christmas, there’s no better time to give your home a fresh new look with 2016’s upcoming trend – going bold!

Tribal-inspired patterns, bright colours and statement prints are a perfect way to beat back the gloom of a British winter. Make your home more welcoming with warm orange and red tones, a heartening reprieve from the bleakness outside. Here are some examples that we believe would bring life and light to any home.

1) Dandelion Firefly


This floral print brings rich colour and beautiful detail, perfect for making the most of your textiles. Reminiscent of fluffy dandelion clocks, this pattern injects a little spring cheer into your space.

2) Evergreen Olive Oil

brightly coloured leaves on a branch patterned fabric from curtain fabric supplier Thread and Loop

Set on a calming neutral background, this leaf pattern is as versatile as it is striking. With warming orange, red and yellow tones mixed in with the cool shades of blue and grey, this is the perfect pattern for every mood and occasion.

3) Azari Multi

Brightly coloured stripes vertically placed on a beige background, a bright fabric pattern from curtain upholstery supplier Thread and Loop

This vertical print brings a touch of sleekness and modernity to wherever it is displayed. With olive green and teal featuring prominently in the furniture fashion trends of late 2015 and early 2016, this pattern is ideal for slipping into your pre-existing décor. Of course nothing is stopping you using it horizontally as well!

4) Stop Paintbox

Cartoon cars on a cream background, a fun patterned fabric from curtain fabric suppliers Thread and Loop

An essential for budding car-enthusiasts, this print would be the perfect addition to liven up any bedroom or play-area. Whether it’s for a funky pair of curtains or duvet any car lover would like to snuggle up beneath, colour and fun is guaranteed with this fabric!

5) Saturn Tieback Rocket Red

A bright red curtain tassel from curtain fabric suppliers Thread and Loop

It’s the little touches that makes good décor great. This ‘rocket red’ tieback is ideal for adding a bold touch to your curtains and a dash of colour to your room without breaking the bank.

If you liked our pick of bold patterns, why not visit our Pinterest boards for more crafting, home décor and soft furnishings inspiration. Or to stock up on everything you need to make your projects a reality, you can browse our collections in our online fabric shop. As top curtain fabric suppliers and upholstery experts, our team at Thread and Loop are here to help you with all your furnishing, upholstery and crafting needs. In addition to being first class curtain fabric suppliers, we also offer curtain-making services. Pick out a fabric for us to use and we’ll do the rest!