Christmas tree

As a leading online fabric shop, we here at Thread & Loop simply adore fabric – choosing which sorts to stock, picking out the right kind for different projects, and talking about them with our customers! We’ve also started to get into the festive spirit now that December is nearly here, so have compiled a list of our top five festive fabrics to help all our customers get excited for the holiday season!

1. Glencoe Murray


We love this warm checked fabric from Fibre Naturelle – it makes us think of snuggly pyjamas and dark nights curled up with hot cocoa! As it’s also suitable for upholstery, it would be right at home as your favourite Christmas armchair (or even an overstuffed cushion) if that’s more your thing – either way, an essential pick for any festive fabric shop!

2. Estreletas Grey


Grey may not be the first colour people think of during the holiday season, but this beautiful patterned fabric whispers of soft dreams and “silent nights”; waiting for Father Christmas with bated breath and listening to the soft sound of snowfall. In other words – truly magical!

3. Lucia Natural


This gorgeous patterned cotton fabric is perfect for providing a lovely feel all year round, but can’t stop making us think about gingerbread houses! Such a cute pattern would also look lovely used as part of a Christmas tree garland, or even a homemade stocking.

4. Kensington Green


This sumptuous-looking fabric is a beautiful Christmas tree green, and we swear we can smell pine even just looking at it! Perhaps a little early to start decorating the tree already, but it’s just the right time to start making presents, and you could use this fabric to help with one of your Christmas projects!

5. Aboretum Poppy


Perfect for curtains to shut out the Christmas cold, this luxurious fabric looks like something Father Christmas himself would wrap up in! Sure to help even the grouchiest of Scrooges get in the Christmas spirit, this curtain fabric would make any home feel festive in time for the holidays.

We hope you enjoyed this pick of our top five festive fabrics! If you’d like even more inspiration for your crafting projects, home decor and soft furnishings, why not visit our Pinterest boards? And to stock up on beautiful fabrics for Christmas, you can browse the collections in our online fabric shop. Our team is also here to help you with all your crafting, furnishing and upholstery needs, and we even offer a curtain-making service – just pick the fabric and we’ll do the rest!