A picture of several velvet pumpkins to accompany the blog on our top 5 fabrics for Halloween

Here at Thread & Loop, we love having a bit of fun and getting into the holiday spirit! To that end, with Halloween nearly upon us, our team has come up with a list of our top 5 elegant yet spooky fabrics for Halloween. Read on if you dare…

1. Liberty Nero

Liberty Nero

Ultimately, Halloween is all about dark and scary things: the dead of night; surprise frights; things creeping up to get you in the darkness. This Liberty Nero polyester fabric from Fibre Naturelle embodies just that kind of feeling, with a swirl of dark, creeping flowers and leaves in a deep black hue. That is not to say that it’s not beautiful though, or that it wouldn’t make a great statement all year round, as both of these facts couldn’t be more true!


2. Floral Russet Orange

Floral Russet Orange

At first glance, this Fibre Naturelle Floral Russet Orange silk fabric (with viscose embroidery) doesn’t seem Halloweeny at all… but the longer you look at it, the more the flowers start to look like clawed hands reaching for something! That, combined with the orange hue of the flowers, makes this fabric an excellent choice for a subtle, elegant nod to All Hallows Eve.

3. Soho Mandarin

Soho Mandarin


Nothing says Halloween like bright orange that’s the same shade of everyone’s favourite spooky decoration: pumpkins! This beautiful Fibre Naturelle polyester fabric may be named Soho Mandarin, but all we see when we look at its stripes are the segments of a pumpkin. Unlike a real squash, though, we don’t recommend carving a scary face into this; it is much more suited for soft furnishing use!

4. Toile Grey

Toile Grey

There is just something about black and white scenes (or in this case, grey and white) of olden day life that can have a vaguely creepy feel. We suppose it’s because they seem almost ghostly now, but perhaps it is just that we’ve watched too many creepy old ghost films! Either way, this Toile Grey cotton fabric from Marson Imports is an eerily beautiful choice for Halloween.

5. Sofia Nerissimo

Sofia Nerissimo

The intricate pattern on this Fibre Naturelle Sofia Nerissimo polyester fabric has a distinctly gothic feel to it, which makes it ideal for the spooky celebration that is Halloween! Darkly dramatic, it is sure to make a bold statement in any home, but is also innately elegant in style. In that way, it reminds us of something that Morticia Adams would upholster her sofas with!

We hope you enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek look at our top fabrics for Halloween! If you’d like to explore more of our fabric collections, to find something perfect for your soft furnishing, crafting or upholstery needs, visit our products page.  And don’t forget that we also offer a curtain making service to all of our customers – providing just what you need if you want to look like you aren’t home for trick or treaters!